Monday, 19 March 2012


Really lacking any sort of academic or social motivation at the moment. Uni is getting rather tedious as my final year in education draws to a close, and sadly, I feel like I couldn't give a crap about my course or my work. 

From my personal experience people who work for universities, tutors, support, even the cafeteria workers really know to look and exude misery. I cannot stand negative, despondent atmospheres it really effects my mood towards everything when some glum cow can't even be bothered to SMILE BACK

Not everyone ends up in their dream ideal job but you're being paid to be there, a luxury some don't even get the chance to have. I stroll into uni with a smile from ear to ear (as I'm often chirpy in the morning), even though I'm in debt up to my eyeballs and you're sat their with a face like a slapped ass! I know as much as the next person how much it sucks to have a shitty job, I used to work for Walls Ice cream vans during high school (cringe!), and throughout my high education I've been working at a supermarket where there too, the general public are a bunch of moody, arrogant bastards. A customer once complained to my superior that I was "Too happy".... *raised eyebrow* HOW CAN SOMEONE BE TOO HAPPY?! I'm paid to be there, and you're paying for a customer service that I am willingly GIVING. That's enough on my job, I could write a book on the odd goings on that occur there.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?! I'm really starting to doubt the human race. I often feel like I should be living with the ginger bread man down Lollypop Lane. 

Back to my RANT about university, I just honestly don't understand what 4k a year gets you.. people in the UK applying for September GOOD LUCK with your rising 9k/year bills as I doubt you'll get anymore than half a days worth of anything valuable.
From October to March one of our module leaders went on sick leave, (She has now been replaced, bit pointless now as we finish in May) which okay for most people doing a generic academic course might not be a massive deal as you get things posted on Blackboard. However I study Theatrical Makeup and Costume, so when your costume tutor isn't there for months and you're stuggling to make a traditional kimono, you find yourself thinking SHIT. One reason being you have no one to seek advice from in specialized techniques, and the other reason being WHAT THE HELL AM I PAYING FOR when I'm in for just 3 hours a week and the service that should be provided isn't available. 
Honestly I swear if it wasn't for Youtube I don't know how I would of learned anything the course I am paying for has failed to teach me. Throughout my 3 years at Uni there has been so many incidents like this and I honestly feel robbed, the only thing that has enriched this journey is the fabulous people I have met along the way.

The most crucial lesson I have learned is that NOTHING comes for free. Even if you are paying nowadays!

On that note, people with positive experiences feel free to comment below and cheer me the fuck up. People who have any motivational tips please motivate me, and people who are in the know comment me and let me know what my 4k a year is actually getting me! 

I will leave you with an interestingly posed image of my face, orange lipstick felt necessary today on my duck pout for a little pick me up, and excuse my hair (I have no excuse its just a mess today).

Abbi xox