Monday, 25 June 2012


So I am aware its been a while since i paid my blog any attention, June is an absolute crazy month for me as it's about 6 of my good friends 21st birthdays and we've had an complete mad month with alcoholic beverages flying all over the shop (I'm sure you can all imagine). Unfortunately I've been working night shifts too for extra money.. Ce la vie.

For the last couple of years I've been stuck in an awful hair rut! I used to have lovely naturally blonde long hair when some deranged hair dresser decided to RAZOR layers into my thin, fine beautiful hair. What a cow. My hair was then on ruined as it got straggly and just looked an utter state in a perculiar "scene" way, I'm sure you all remember the Myspace days right. I wish I had photographic evidence to hand.


To sort out this terrible mess i had to have the longer under layers chopped to pretty much ear length, which was very sad as I feel for my whole life all I've been doing is growing my hair! That should be a real life occupation - Official hair grower.

As a quick fix I purchased some extensions and pretty much never looked back. I was about 14 when I brought my first set and I'm currently 21. I've had many sets and many methods, types and brands of extensions however, I feel that belongs in its own post as it's too much of a crazy lady rant. Basically my hair just NEVER grew back.. I'm guessing as I was pretty much bleach blonde until last year my hair wasn't healthy enough to grow. I went brunette last year and my hair grew a couple of inches which I was over joyed about but it was disgusting as I was too frightened to get it cut.. EVER. The ends were grotesque but luckily my extensions (which I wore pretty much every day), managed to mask the hot mess that was my natural hair.

Recently I felt really fed up of having to wear my extensions every single bloody day as my own hair didn't have a style, it just kind of flopped about on my head. Gross. So when my mother was having her hair trimmed by her friend I just sat in the chair and told her to chop! I don't think I've ever been so brave.. this sounds so lame. Haha.

Anyway I'm really, really happy with the outcome, Here are a few shots of what's currently occuring on my head in case anyone is interested!

So this a snap i took on my mac, but rubbish quality. Its the 'do with some curl in it. 
I was finding it hard without all the extra hair to give myself some volume so for the first few weeks I went a bit mental with the mousse and curlers. Haha what an idiot.

Here's a clearer picture of myself (excuse the bags), after I felt more confident without my security blanket a.k.a The extensions and a straight mop! 

It is such a relief to be rid of my extensions in my day to day life/routine. However I know for now, I wont be ditching my extensions for nights out, occasions etc. I feel I look naked without them haha. It's so nice to have an actual style to my hair now without extensions, I really want it a tad shorter but I like wearing my hair up for work and I'm too impatient with grips, so this length shall suffice for now!

Girls be warned, Hair extensions ARE the devil. Once you're sucked into wearing them in your everyday life, you're pretty much their bitch. Haha. Although I'm currently sat here writing this with them in. MASSIVE hypocrite.

Let me know what ya'll think!
Abbi xx

Saturday, 14 April 2012


I am so, so sorry I've been such a terrible blogger lately. I have ONE month left at uni (dissertation crazy time), I've been working loads, and apparently damaging my liver plenty too due to Easter celebrations, thus my poor baby blog falling last on my agenda. 
As soon as May is over I plan to be back! I've been accumulating many clothes, accessories and make-up items I wish to share with you all.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter :) 

Abbi xxx

Monday, 19 March 2012


Really lacking any sort of academic or social motivation at the moment. Uni is getting rather tedious as my final year in education draws to a close, and sadly, I feel like I couldn't give a crap about my course or my work. 

From my personal experience people who work for universities, tutors, support, even the cafeteria workers really know to look and exude misery. I cannot stand negative, despondent atmospheres it really effects my mood towards everything when some glum cow can't even be bothered to SMILE BACK

Not everyone ends up in their dream ideal job but you're being paid to be there, a luxury some don't even get the chance to have. I stroll into uni with a smile from ear to ear (as I'm often chirpy in the morning), even though I'm in debt up to my eyeballs and you're sat their with a face like a slapped ass! I know as much as the next person how much it sucks to have a shitty job, I used to work for Walls Ice cream vans during high school (cringe!), and throughout my high education I've been working at a supermarket where there too, the general public are a bunch of moody, arrogant bastards. A customer once complained to my superior that I was "Too happy".... *raised eyebrow* HOW CAN SOMEONE BE TOO HAPPY?! I'm paid to be there, and you're paying for a customer service that I am willingly GIVING. That's enough on my job, I could write a book on the odd goings on that occur there.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?! I'm really starting to doubt the human race. I often feel like I should be living with the ginger bread man down Lollypop Lane. 

Back to my RANT about university, I just honestly don't understand what 4k a year gets you.. people in the UK applying for September GOOD LUCK with your rising 9k/year bills as I doubt you'll get anymore than half a days worth of anything valuable.
From October to March one of our module leaders went on sick leave, (She has now been replaced, bit pointless now as we finish in May) which okay for most people doing a generic academic course might not be a massive deal as you get things posted on Blackboard. However I study Theatrical Makeup and Costume, so when your costume tutor isn't there for months and you're stuggling to make a traditional kimono, you find yourself thinking SHIT. One reason being you have no one to seek advice from in specialized techniques, and the other reason being WHAT THE HELL AM I PAYING FOR when I'm in for just 3 hours a week and the service that should be provided isn't available. 
Honestly I swear if it wasn't for Youtube I don't know how I would of learned anything the course I am paying for has failed to teach me. Throughout my 3 years at Uni there has been so many incidents like this and I honestly feel robbed, the only thing that has enriched this journey is the fabulous people I have met along the way.

The most crucial lesson I have learned is that NOTHING comes for free. Even if you are paying nowadays!

On that note, people with positive experiences feel free to comment below and cheer me the fuck up. People who have any motivational tips please motivate me, and people who are in the know comment me and let me know what my 4k a year is actually getting me! 

I will leave you with an interestingly posed image of my face, orange lipstick felt necessary today on my duck pout for a little pick me up, and excuse my hair (I have no excuse its just a mess today).

Abbi xox

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I needed to replenish a couple of items in my kit as its been looking a tad sorry for itself after neglecting it lately, as I’ve been busy doing too many dreadful essays at uni, boo!
I decided to have a gander on the E.l.f cosmetics website as I am sick of spending a fortune on products that aren’t that great and seem to run out quickly, which frustrates me A LOT. It was also spend £30 to get free delivery – It would be rude not too! I was instantly drawn in by the affordable prices and found my basket quickly full to the brim. However I was more than happy to spend £30-£40 knowing I would have more than 2 items which happens frequently when I shop at MAC or Make Up Forever, even if the products maybe weren’t as grand as the higher end items I thought it was worth trying something new! 

Makeup Mist & Set

First off I was excited about the E.l.f Makeup Mist & Set that I purchased. I’ve previously used the MAC fix+ and honestly I was not thrilled about spending £12.50 on this product for my face to look like a grease pan, it did not work for my skin type at all and if anything my makeup slid off quicker rather than setting it. Disappointed isn’t the word. I was next pleasantly surprised by Dermalogica’s UltraCalming mist at £17 I was of course sour faced at the checkout but found myself very impressed with this product as it really does freshen up your makeup in my opinion and gives your skin a boost during the day, I would recommend this product if you don't mind parting with £17 pound.
As I feel like I’ve spent my life savings on Facial mists, I saw E.l.f’s Makeup Mist for only £3.50 and I thought why not treat myself! Haha.
SO anyway, back to the product! I was a little disappointed that the bottle describes the ingredients “with Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber”, and yet it didn't smell of cucumber?! In fact it smelt of nothing. I’m obsessed with products that smell of cucumber, so when they don't I’m always a little let down.. weirdo right?! Haha. This product gives your skin and makeup a boost, but as its only £3.50 it obviously doesn't compare to the Dermalogica product, as I expected. However I would buy it again as its affordable, does the job, and is small enough to chuck in my handbag!

Makeup Lock & Seal 

I don't have much to say about this really, does what it says on the tin. You can buy eye drops and you get the same effect when using pigments. The price of the Lock & Seal is similar to your typical bottle of eye drops at £3.50. It has a really strong alcohol smell, which I can’t say I’m keen on. I haven’t used it enough to notice any significant difference compared to using eye drops.

Mascara Primer

Many moons ago when I was a chavy youngster I would be obsessed with the mascaras that had one white mascara and one black at either end as they would literally bulk up my tiny blonde lashes and give me the desired spider leg look. I cringe thinking back on the old days. Mascara wise I usually use Makeup Forever Smoky lash or Illamasqua’s Masquara, but I go through them like toilet paper and they’re a little on the costly side so I thought I would try the primer so I could use it as an alternative with a cheaper high street mascara. The product does what it says, made my lashes appear thicker but added no length in my opinion. It worked well for my bottom lashes as it separated them out nicely before I loaded on black mascara so they didn't clump together! 

Concealer Pencil & Brush in Light 

With Flash

No Flash

I absolutely LOVE this product. The concealer itself has a brilliantly thick formula, which is just what I was looking for! My reason of purchasing this item was for when I am creating a bold statement lip, it is beyond IRRITATING even when you have lined your lips than the bloody lipstick doesn't stay put or bleeds slightly which I find happens to me a lot as I have small lips. I know using concealer helps this issue and also is good to clean up the area if you've slipped a little, however I find when I’m out and about its very inconvenient for me to carry around brushes for problems like this, so having a concealer in pencil form is a god send! It also has a blending brush with the lid on the opposite end as well as a handy sharpener on the other lid. For someone who likes to travel light you can’t complain much about this item, as it is multifunctional.

Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal 

With Flash

Without Flash
I am a massive fan of shimmery, highlighted skin as it brings a youthful, vibrant glow to even the most tired faces. I have lots of highlighters so why not buy some more eh!? I chose the product in the shade Lilac petal as I thought it would look lovely under my foundation as a base for summer, and in my opinion it does. Its not greasy or oily like similar products ive had trouble with in the past. I will probably be investing in other shades of this highlighter in the near future. 

All Over Colour Sticks 
Left - Persimmon. Right - Toasted

Top - Persimmon. Bottom - Toasted (With Flash)

Top - Persimmon. Bottom - Toasted (No Flash)

I was really excited for this product, I got it in the shade Toasted, and Persimmon for my little sister as I’m SO kind haha. But I am little disappointed as they don't really deliver on the coverage front after blended/rubbed into the skin. Sheer would be an exaggeration with this product. Saying that ive only used it once maybe I just need to use them a couple of more times to get the shimmery and colour going!The packaging is handy and useful for travel and handbag space as they're really tiny and cute! 

Corrective Concealer

This was just something I needed for my kit (nothing worth getting super excited about) as my old Ben Nye palette smashed booo! It's just a little essential needed for .. concealing I guess! Obviously its not the best corrective palette I've ever had as it's very cheap compared to the typical products I would use, however there is nothing wrong with this item, it does need to be worked with a lot more than other concealers I've used to properly activate it to its full potential.
It does what it says on the label so that's good enough for me at £3.50! 

I brought my Mum and sister a few other products but they've vanished already! Pfft! 
 I'm rather pleased with these bargains, a lot better than i expected so I guess I will be shopping from E.l.f again! Anyone recommend any items I need to try?

Abbi xx

Monday, 27 February 2012

NOTD - My Go To Nail

For a very long time now I've been wearing acrylic nails as well as false nails which quite often leaves my nails in a sorry state. 
I just can't help myself, like most girls I am a sucker for lovely, pretty, long nails and often forget how damaging all the primping to talons can be!
After my falsies have gone I always feel depressed about how sad my nails look all chipped and flimsy, so to spruce them up I always go to this look for a happy nail :)

I LOVE sparkle as well as lots of glitter & shimmer!

Products Used - 
  • Generic cuticle oil (Not Shown)
  • Natural Collection nail colour - Maple 
  • Nail Paint by Barry M - Limited Edition Silver Glitter 149
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Shine - Base & Top Coat

In the bottle Natural Collections Maple for whatever reason has appeared as a burnt orange on my camera but it's really a toasted metallic pink in my opinion. 
What I love about this nail is that it was festive enough for Christmas as it's super sparkly, but is also a great girly summer look too as the pink gives it a warm peachy feel. 
Personally I don't wear the Maple varnish on it's own, as I mentioned my nails do appear rather damaged from acrylics and falsies and have developed small ridges over the years. I feel that when I wear a metallic polish it really highlights the ridges (which I HATE), as the polish reflects light. 
 I also wanted to point out it's not the brand of polish that emphasizes the ridges, I have tried a lot of metallic nail varnishes from many brands in the hope i will get one that wont show them, however i still haven't found one that does the job! So that's why the Barry M Silver Glitter comes in handy as I feel it masks the ridges by adding another texture to the nail. It can be used with any polish obviously, but I much prefer it with a metallic base! 


 Hope you enjoy the post and please feel free to comment if anyone has any recommendations with how to sort the dreaded nail ridges out! I'm naughty really for wearing false nails so much, i guess i will never learn!
 Oh well, no pain no gain!

Abbi xx

Monday, 20 February 2012


Even though winter is apparently over and most bloggers are introducing their fave spring pastel shades, I still cannot get enough of the warm wintery wine tones that were ever popular over Christmas this year. 
To warm up my make-up look today I thought I would go all out with the wine lippy and compliment it with a subtle bronzed shadow. 


  • Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation - 200 Soft Beige
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW25
  • GuRu Makeup Liquid Highlighter - Iridescent 
  • Garnier Roll-on - Anti-dark Circles
  • Sleek Blush - Rose Gold 926

  • MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash 
  • The Body Shop - 01 Eye Definer: Black 
  • MUFE Aqua Cream - 13 Warm Beige   
  • Sleek Brow Kit - Dark 818    

  • Sleep True Colour Lipstick - Mulberry (Sheer)
  • Ben Nye Lip Pencil - Scarlet Red LP-19

If you have any questions about this look don't hesitate to ask :) 

Abbi xx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

NOTD - Pastel Leopard

I realise leopard print has got to be one of the most talked about prints as well as recreated nail designs over the past year and I bet most of you are sick to death of hearing about it, however it is still one of my absolute faves to rock for an interesting girly design! 

As a personal preference I really dislike popular colours used for this design I have seen previously a lot online with neon shades, and yellows. Personally I find those shades aren't for me but if you like them that's great.
I opted for pastel shades for my design as it's more to my style. 
I did take step by step photo's but they were blurry and its not like this design is major complex so we shalln't dwell on that haha. 
The products i used are as follows; 
  • Base coat - Sally Hensen Diamond Strength Base & Top Coat
  • Colour Base - Rimmel Lycra Pro 312 Ultra Violet 
  • OPI Nail Lacquer - Barefoot in Barcelona 
  • Barry M Nail Paint - 47 Black
  • OPI Top Coat  

After letting the Base Coat dry, apply your Base Colour which in my case was purple. 
Then using your second colour (Barefoot in Barcelona) create random blobs on your nails varying in shapes and sizes, you don't want a uniform pattern.

Then using a Black I carefully outlined the brown patches using the brush that it came with which created soft yet unpredictable shapes. 
I am a lover of all nail art pens however I do believe this design looks better imperfect and inaccurate, rather than neat and precise which is the look people often get when they use nail art pens.

Lastly absolutely smother your nails in OPI Top Coat to ensure they're strong, the design lasts longer as well as looking super shiny and glossy! 

Abbi x