Thursday, 16 February 2012

NOTD - Pastel Leopard

I realise leopard print has got to be one of the most talked about prints as well as recreated nail designs over the past year and I bet most of you are sick to death of hearing about it, however it is still one of my absolute faves to rock for an interesting girly design! 

As a personal preference I really dislike popular colours used for this design I have seen previously a lot online with neon shades, and yellows. Personally I find those shades aren't for me but if you like them that's great.
I opted for pastel shades for my design as it's more to my style. 
I did take step by step photo's but they were blurry and its not like this design is major complex so we shalln't dwell on that haha. 
The products i used are as follows; 
  • Base coat - Sally Hensen Diamond Strength Base & Top Coat
  • Colour Base - Rimmel Lycra Pro 312 Ultra Violet 
  • OPI Nail Lacquer - Barefoot in Barcelona 
  • Barry M Nail Paint - 47 Black
  • OPI Top Coat  

After letting the Base Coat dry, apply your Base Colour which in my case was purple. 
Then using your second colour (Barefoot in Barcelona) create random blobs on your nails varying in shapes and sizes, you don't want a uniform pattern.

Then using a Black I carefully outlined the brown patches using the brush that it came with which created soft yet unpredictable shapes. 
I am a lover of all nail art pens however I do believe this design looks better imperfect and inaccurate, rather than neat and precise which is the look people often get when they use nail art pens.

Lastly absolutely smother your nails in OPI Top Coat to ensure they're strong, the design lasts longer as well as looking super shiny and glossy! 

Abbi x


  1. Girl, I'm in love with these nails.

  2. love this! actually love! and i have these colours! :)

    1. Get cracking then! I want to see how yours come out too :D xx

  3. Wow! Do my nails for me?!? xx

    1. Haha i love doing nails :D (although not all my designs come out this crisp!) anytime though beautiful :p xx

  4. omg these are sooo pretty ! you are very talented <3
    love your blog, im a new follower ... hope you can visit / follow my page sometime :)

    1. Thanks for following lovely, followed back already :) xx