Monday, 27 February 2012

NOTD - My Go To Nail

For a very long time now I've been wearing acrylic nails as well as false nails which quite often leaves my nails in a sorry state. 
I just can't help myself, like most girls I am a sucker for lovely, pretty, long nails and often forget how damaging all the primping to talons can be!
After my falsies have gone I always feel depressed about how sad my nails look all chipped and flimsy, so to spruce them up I always go to this look for a happy nail :)

I LOVE sparkle as well as lots of glitter & shimmer!

Products Used - 
  • Generic cuticle oil (Not Shown)
  • Natural Collection nail colour - Maple 
  • Nail Paint by Barry M - Limited Edition Silver Glitter 149
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Shine - Base & Top Coat

In the bottle Natural Collections Maple for whatever reason has appeared as a burnt orange on my camera but it's really a toasted metallic pink in my opinion. 
What I love about this nail is that it was festive enough for Christmas as it's super sparkly, but is also a great girly summer look too as the pink gives it a warm peachy feel. 
Personally I don't wear the Maple varnish on it's own, as I mentioned my nails do appear rather damaged from acrylics and falsies and have developed small ridges over the years. I feel that when I wear a metallic polish it really highlights the ridges (which I HATE), as the polish reflects light. 
 I also wanted to point out it's not the brand of polish that emphasizes the ridges, I have tried a lot of metallic nail varnishes from many brands in the hope i will get one that wont show them, however i still haven't found one that does the job! So that's why the Barry M Silver Glitter comes in handy as I feel it masks the ridges by adding another texture to the nail. It can be used with any polish obviously, but I much prefer it with a metallic base! 


 Hope you enjoy the post and please feel free to comment if anyone has any recommendations with how to sort the dreaded nail ridges out! I'm naughty really for wearing false nails so much, i guess i will never learn!
 Oh well, no pain no gain!

Abbi xx

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